СЛОТ -Доска- юрмала "рок волна" 2008

Дата: 30.07.2008 02:40:22 Просмотров: 749470 Длительность: 03:57

Категории: Аудио
СЛОТ -Доска- юрмала "рок волна" 2008

New Wave 2008 "Rock Night"

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20.09.2009 17:20:17
this is nookie, the one in dead star and 2 wars, she's the more recent singer
Serg Moisey
10.04.2011 06:17:43
i'm flying, like angel, to the sun....
04.02.2011 06:17:11
God I love them.
12.05.2010 20:33:10
Why fuck usa? This style of rock was FOUNDED in the USA. Kittie and Korn's been doing it a hell of a long time before Slot. Although I must slot has a unique style that is cool.
18.12.2009 00:15:22
@kpopfreak5 i agree...we really need to bring them home....its all very pointless now!
Brian Phillips
28.09.2009 16:49:49
thanks ! she seems quite charming in the video where they are sitting around the table talking about killing Kenney.
Clifford Jewison
19.04.2010 08:09:14
not much Nookei, FUCK USA, AH!
26.04.2009 15:16:58
pm link to it plz
JMP Podcast
13.10.2009 03:02:37
Okay, but stop rapping. De gots no flo g.
kamil p
28.02.2011 18:45:00
0:54 - 0:56 who's that girl??? I'm in love... :)
Inti Equis
10.06.2009 19:02:02
No estás solo compa.
14.09.2014 03:31:50
I love'm
06.12.2010 21:37:38
ich Liebe SLOT Grüße aus Deutschland!
14.06.2009 21:04:26
"doska" is a board (=
18.08.2010 07:00:18
Imrah Zakhaev ficaria orgulhoso!
11.02.2011 17:57:52
@Leromanable lol I made up my mind like a year and a half ago when I saw them I was gonna learn too xD
Pepi BG
31.05.2010 03:49:14
they are like Flyleaf :)
Неаvеn Еmреrоr
25.03.2019 04:50:22
Под ногами гами доска
03.12.2009 05:49:33
This is a question to any Russian. Are we Americans wasting our time in Afganistan? The Russians would know the best.