Новогодняя зумба????????????

Дата: 01.01.2019 15:57:58 Просмотров: 208326 Длительность: 02:35

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Новогодняя зумба????????????

Новый год 2019????

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Даша Даша
26.06.2021 18:27:05
Добрый вечер! Простите что давно вам не писала, как у вас дела?
Геннадий Татарчук
13.06.2021 20:23:01
ЗАВЕЛИ, танцую с Вами! Желаю мира, спокойствия, тишины и душевного единства. Пусть все войны останутся в прошлом, а впереди ждёт только бесконечное счастье. Слава героям, которые берегут наш спокойный сон. Желаю Вам цветущего здоровья, успехов, душевного тепла и уверенности в завтрашнем дне!
Julie Marshall
11.09.2020 17:38:31
♥️Hello my lovely Marina. How strange you should message me today. 11th September. I was thinking to myself this morning that i would like to send you a message today and ask how you are...i know you said you were going to spend quite a lot of time in the country and as i did not know if you would be back i was going to send you a message and hope you would see it sometime .i know September is not a nice month for you and your family...i remember the date of 30th September and will be thinking of you and your husband and family on that date..i was going to send you a message on that date saying im remembering that sad time in your lives..i tried to reply to your message on the reply part of my video you sent me the message from. Theres a problem because i cant highlight your name so you would not know im replying to you so thought it is best to message you here instead...strange things happen on you tube sometimes...Just to say all is well here..Will you go to the country again after September? .please take care i will message you again and hope you see it sometime. All my love for you my lovely friend ♥️♥️
Геннадий Татарчук
31.10.2019 22:47:38
ПОЗИТИВНО! Как у Вас здорово, весело и ОЧЕНЬ ИНТЕРЕСНО!
19.06.2019 05:31:20
???????????????????? Nice Dance????????????????????????????????????
Julie Marshall
01.01.2021 23:22:28
1st January 2021..Hello my lovely Marina i hope you and your family are well...How was Christmas for you all...We had just a very quiet time as my sister and my future daughter in law could not come here at Christmas due to virus regulations...I would like to wish you and your family a Happy New Year....All is well here..One week ago we had an electricity power cut so from 7.15 morning untill 6 in the evening we had no electric atal it was a freezing cold day too..The main junction box in the road at front of my house had broken so the workmen put a new one in..All ok now luckily....Take care my lovely Marina i will message you soon all my love hugs and kisses....Julie ❤❤❤❤????????????????
Julie Marshall
07.06.2020 22:17:10
My lovely friend Marina i have managed to upload a video on my channel You will be able to message me on the comment box..The video i created for you my lovely friend..i took it at an aquarium before lockdown ♥️♥️
Julie Marshall
24.03.2020 20:53:09
Hello my lovely friend Marina..i wanted to ask if you and family are well...This terrible virus that is taking over the world is very upsetting and worrying.. i hope you and family will stay well...All my love to you..love Julie ❤❤❤❤