Learn the Russian Grammar Cases through the film Ирония судьбы - Genitive Case (PART 1)

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Learn the Russian Grammar Cases through the film Ирония судьбы - Genitive Case (PART 1)

**** For the complete Course on how to learn the Russian Cases through the film Irony of Fate please check more info here ****

This is a video about how to learn the Genitive Case through the famous Russian film Ирония Судьбы.

For the complete article and exercise-test on the examples please visit the relevant blog post on Explore Russian here

More on how to learn the Russian Cases, read here

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Saimer John
08.06.2016 01:31:42
Thanks, your video was of great help!
19.06.2016 08:42:46
Спасибо, мне нравится русский язык, хотя это трудна. Russian grammar seems impossible sometimes.
Shaquille Oatmeal
27.12.2016 23:26:39
Your love of this film really shines through. Thanks for putting this together.
30.08.2016 08:34:58
Jeffrey D
22.06.2017 17:52:12
Good job. Thanks for your hard work. its appreciated!
Jesús Sánchez Herrero
14.02.2021 22:51:01
soniya barche
07.06.2017 12:55:59
it is one of my favorite films. Very useful video. thanks a lot. keep uploading such videos.
I Munoz
29.07.2016 07:33:10
This video is pure educational gold
mohamed sawat
09.06.2016 15:11:42
Спасибо вам
01.09.2016 01:00:59
Great work man! Thank you
Gilberto Brandão
01.08.2016 03:08:40
Very helpful. Thank you very much!
04.04.2021 15:27:54
Wow this is awesome, thank you❤
Volki abi
15.10.2019 11:16:09
This is very good for understanding.
Stefanos Vrakatos
01.06.2020 15:12:56
Аггеле это видео их ломает αγγελε αυτο το βιντεο τα σπαει
Victorianne Castle
20.03.2017 13:10:24
Where is part 2?Thanks for this
Анна Плисецкая
11.04.2020 02:48:42
Brilliant, thank you very much!
Yordy Puttanox
07.05.2020 00:51:23
Great way to show the Genitive case.Thank you.
Fred Rutter
25.04.2016 23:15:59
Can't believe nobody has commented yet on this brilliant work. Congratulations and well done, Angelos! (Caversham from Duo)
Philipp Hörtnagl
26.04.2016 13:37:59
Very good, I usually have the same approach for learning grammar in a foreign language or furthermore to learn a foreign language in general.